Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair-Lefant Robot M200

If you have pets living in your home every day, constant cleaning becomes a necessity, even for those dog owners who don’t have any allergies. Pet hair and dust can build up around the home and it can lead to a host of various health problems for you and your family.


Touted at 15% smaller than the competition the Lefant M201 easily gets into the awkward corners and under most furniture. True 360 ​​° technology in space detection, together with its minimum height of 7cm means the vacuum can detect different heights of potential obstacles to find the best access and in theory, effortlessly continue with its work. I literally have zero previous experience with other robot vacuums however watching it work its way around a room is pretty fascinating. 

Pure Suction

When it comes to cleaning up pet hair, you need to make sure your robotic sweeper generates plenty of suction. Dog hair is very fine and can be hard to suck up for standard vacuums. Not only that, pet hair does have a tendency to clump together once it hits the floor. Sucking up larger masses is not as easy as cleaning up the odd hair or fine dust. You may consider using the pure suction robot. The pure suction does just that, only suction, no spinning brush agitation.


Like other non-connected robot vacuums, the Lefant M200 is a snap to set up. All we had to do was plug in the base, flip the power switch, and charge it. We appreciate that the power adapter works with both the base and the robot itself; it’s a nice little piece of insurance in case the family dog absconds with the small plastic base.

From zero percent charge it will take about 4.5 hours to full and when full the spec sheet tells us to expect around 90 minutes of autonomy. My apartment is quite small and on average the robot will automatically return to the charging base when it thinks it’s finished with about 50-60% capacity remaining.

Lefant M200 FreeMove 2.0 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Highligths

– Large capacity 500 ml. Double HEPA filtration, effectively block secondary pollution and keep the air clean. 0.5L large dust box holds more dust per cleaning.
– Brushless motor. Low power consumption, small body, long life and powerful power, can provide powerful suction up to 1500pa.
– Solve sweeper battery is not durable. Compared to ordinary lithium batteries, we use a lithium iron phosphate battery (after 5000 times charge and discharge, no dimming).
– 100 minutes running time. After recharge about 4-5 hours, it has a cleaning of up to 100 minutes of autonomy. When the battery is low, the robot automatically returns to the charging base to charge. Avoid running out of electricity, stopping at a corner is not easy to find.
– Ready to Clean Your home. When you press the clean button, automatic cleaning and edg cleaning can thoroughly clean, and keep your mood up while you stay home.
– Protect Robot and Your Family. Built in anti-collision sensors make the sweeper slow down and touch the surface gently to avoid hitting and scratching your furniture and other obstacles. anti-dropping sensors on the bottom to avoid falling down stairs and off ledges, which effectively protects the sweeper itself and your family.
– Clean all types of floors. Due to use the suction nozzle, the robot vacuum cleaner can be applied to almost all types of floors, not only for parquet floors, ceramic tiles and marble floors, etc., you can use your imagination for additional usage scenarios.
– Benefits of Suction. Suction mouth does not tangle hair, unlike roller brush. Easy to clean, no need to replace the rotating brush, longer service life. The suction opening is suitable for all types of floors.
– High success rate & high coverage rate. For narrow spaces, high flow rates can be achieved. Smart and compact body, more surface covered by cleaning.


If you’re on a budget and have pets, the Lefant M200 is the best robot vacuum for you. Even if you’re not on a budget, at $160, the Lefant M200 is an excellent choice. While the vac won’t send alerts to your smartphone or allow you to only clean certain rooms, the Lefant M200 excels at what is probably the most desirable feature in a robot vacuum: actual cleaning ability.  Without a doubt, the Lefant Robot M200 is our favorite budget-robot vacuum.